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9 Benefits of Being Physically Active

Engaging in sports and other physical activities have several contributions to your general well-being. This article will specifically discuss the health benefits that come with being active in sports.

So why do you need to engage yourself in sports? Here are the health benefits.

Maintains Weight

Sports often involve physical activities. When engaging in physical activities, your body burns the excess stored fats, and consequently, you shed off those extra calories. Participating in sports regularly will, therefore, help you lose weight or help you maintain your preferred weight. Physical activities burn down the excess fat stored in your body tissues. Obesity is often linked to excessive calories in the body. Playing sports helps reduce the calories.

Moreover, you need to know that these days, kids are also vulnerable to obesity. It will be a good thing if you have a facility in your backyard that can help them to be more physically active. You should look for ideas for games for your backyard. A trampoline, climbing wall, and a tree house can promote such a behavior.

Reduces the Chances of Diabetes

Engaging in sports has been known to help insulin in your body to perform better. This fact reduces the risk of having type 2 diabetes.

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Playing sports helps you to prevent conditions like high blood pressure and stroke. It lowers the levels of cholesterol in your body and improves blood flow. By engaging in sports, you are reducing body fat, often associated with most cardiovascular diseases.

Prevents Osteoporosis

This is a disease associated with bone fracture and bone loss, mostly as people age. Engaging in sports, especially those that involve weight-bearing activities can help prevent this disease.

Reduces the Chances for Cancer

According to research done by the British Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, playing sports has a way of reducing the risk of cancer (especially colon cancer), by up to 300 percent.

Improves the Mind

Studies have it that regular physical activity like sports can help a person improve their moods. They also help a person to manage stress, reduce anxiety and depression quickly.

Did you know that stress, anxiety, and depression can make you eat more than usual? So while helping you manage depression, anxiety, and stress, sports also keep away disorders that come about as a result of excessive eating, for instance, obesity.

Makes You Stronger

Engaging in sports increases your bone density, elevates your joint functions, and improves your ligament and muscle tendon strength. All these put together makes you stronger.

Boosts Your Memory

Several studies have confirmed that physical activities increase your memory. In a recent research done by the University of Arkansas, results showed that people that are physically active perform better in memory tests than those that are not active. These findings are clear evidence that you should engage in physical activities like sports.

Strengthens Your Immune System

When you engage yourself in sports, you get rid of toxins in your body through sweating. Again, when engaging …


How to Make Your Kid Get into Biking

Kids can learn how to bike at a very young age.  When he turns three, you will see that his progression to a pedal bike will come off naturally.

Encouraging your kid into biking will not only be good for his overall development. He will not only be physically fit but he will be able to derive positive emotional and social values. Along with coordination and balance, other health benefits include the development of upper and lower body strength and stamina. It is also an effective way to burn fats which helps you to attain cardiovascular health.

Parents would always want their kids to be healthy. They also want them to have fun. Honestly, biking might be the best activity that can achieve those two goals. To keep your kid interested in this worthwhile activity, you can do the following proven ways to let your child carry this healthy and fun hobby for the rest of his life.


Set the Example

A young kid will always see adults as their model. If you want your child to go into biking, you should be into biking yourself. He will see some encouragement to continue his biking activities if he sees you biking often. Teach him some tricks in a progressive manner so he will always look forward to the next one.

Make It a Bonding Activity

How about biking together to a nearby park or up to a hill and have a picnic with the rest of the family? Encourage everybody in your household to learn how to bike. This can be an effective way to have a family bonding. Can you just imagine all of you parading on a lonely street going to some deserted place to have a picnic? It must be a wonderful day for everybody. For sure, your kid will be looking forward to your next biking expedition.

Let Your Kid Mingle with other Young Bikers

With these days of online games, most kids cannot be found in playgrounds anymore because they are mostly busy with online games on their computing devices. Allowing your kid to discover friends who are into biking will not only discourage your child to spend more of his time on the computer but will also make him develop his social skills. Biking will truly be fun when he is with his friends.

girlIncorporate It with his Tasks

Your kid will appreciate his bike more when you try to incorporate biking with the performance of his home chores. You can send him for errands like bringing a note to a neighbor or he can use his bike going to school.

Indeed, there are a lot of benefits that we can get from biking. So, we should not let it pass our beloved kids. Let us teach them how to bike while they are young.…