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Seven Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is all about getting hair follicles from contributor zones on the scalp and embedding them where the hair is thinning. In simple terms, different portions of hair follicles are carefully extracted and later transplanted in the bald areas.

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Enhanced Self-Esteem

Apart from feeling bad about their appearance, those that are bald are said to have low self-esteem. Such people have given up knowing that they can do nothing to look better. With hair transplant surgery, they can get their hair growing again in the affected areas and boost their confidence significantly.

Improve Appearance

The truth is that most people that are bald or have thinning hair look older than their actual age and feel unattractive. If you want to look younger than your real age and more attractive, you can go for a hair transplant. It will fill up those thinning areas and make you feel more attractive.

Less Maintenance

Another reason why you should consider a hair transplant done by Freia Medical is that you don’t require to keep going back to the specialist for check-ups on the affected areas. The transplanted hair is just like your real hair and requires no maintenance. You don’t require extra synthetic compounds or shampoo to keep your hair thick.

Cost Saving

Going for a hair transplant surgery will save you cash as you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, paying for medications over and over.


While some topical solutions for thinning hair and baldness may offer some help, they are not as effective as a hair transplant. The key reason is that some of the products are of low quality. However, with a hair transplant procedure, you won’t have to bother about such issues. Furthermore, you are guaranteed that hair won’t thin again in the areas, unlike when using other products.

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For a long time now, people have always believed that hair transplant is specifically for men. However, that is not the truth. Women can also benefit a lot from this procedure, especially those with thinning. If you have also lost hair due to injury or burns, you can consider going for a hair transplant.


Hair transplant surgery is harmless as it doesn’t involve the use of serious chemicals or products. If performed by a trained surgeon, it’s among the safest procedures. The hairs come from the patient reducing the risk of infections or other undesired side effects significantly.

Now that you are aware of the gains that come with a hair transplant, you should visit for highly qualified surgeons and advanced equipment to carry out the procedure.…