a goalie in action

How to Choose the Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Strong goalkeeper gloves are crucial for a team’s defense and the welfare of the keeper. The gloves are made with strong material to protect the goalkeeper’s hands in different ways. The material differs for each weather condition. Due to the wide variety of gloves in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best goalkeeper gloves unless you know what to look for.

Here are some of the features to look out for a while shopping for the best goalkeeper gloves:

The Purpose of Buying

the use of the gloves- game or practiceYou may need gloves for training or the actual game. Game gloves are made from high-quality material latex to protect the fingers. They also have a gripping effect to ensure that they don’t come out if a high impact is served. They should be taken good care of because they are pricey and may not last long if not well-tended. The training gloves have a lesser grip but are vital to protect and last longer than the match gloves.

The Material

An ideal pair of gloves should be heavily padded with quality latex and should be able to protect the backhand, palms, and fingers. The material should have a grip effect but should not be too tight that the hands cannot easily fold, and thus latex is used.

Weather Conditions

There are gloves for typical sunny and cold or rainy weather. The gloves for a rainy season are made with stickier latex materials on the palms to avoid the gloves from falling off during a match or training. Conversely, the warm weather gloves are made with a fiber that holds the hand but is not sticky to avoid sweating.

The Size

the size and closureSize is paramount as it determines the flexibility of the goalie’s hand while reaching to save the ball. The gloves should neither be too big nor small but should fit comfortably. The best way to determine an ideal size is by measuring the hand by a tape measure using the widest part, excluding the fingers. Round the figure that you get up to the nearest whole inch, add 1 Inch to the number, and have a perfect fit.

Texture and Closure

Gloves come in two types of texture. There are some with a smooth padded pad on the outside layer while the others are dimpled or rough. The smooth ones are ideal for a match to help the goalkeeper have a firm grip on the ball, while the dimpled ones are for training. The closure at the end of the hand has hooks and loops made from elastic material with adjustable straps the can be easily tightened and loosened. Others have a V-notch end, which acts as ventilation.…